My little muse...

While scrolling through Facebook one day a few months ago I spotted a post from our local animal control. A puppy who had been dropped off and mistreated, needed a home. I have always had kitties and never thought about having a dog. We are in the midst of renovating an old house and it's always a little crazy and undone in here! However I fell in love with this little face as soon as I saw it. I showed the post to Jason and he said "when are you going to pick him up"?  Yes! Jason is awesome! Applications, home visits and lots of vet stuff later I went to pick up Oliver. He was very scared and other than Jason wanted nothing to do with men or children. Immediately though he was my right hand puppy! He follows me everywhere and is the best studio puppy there ever was. So be on the lookout for lots of little dogs in my upcoming work. 

Oliver <3

Oliver and a little whale I painted

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