Monster of a Show- art show in Baltimore!

I will be here this coming weekend!
The 6th Monster of a Show!
November 30 * 5 pm -10 pm
December 1 * 10 am - 5 pm

This year is the greatest Monster Fan Appreciation event we can imagine!
About Claymonster: We make one of a kind whimsical monster vessels and thrown stoneware pottery with personality. Claymonster attends about 15 shows a year but this one is the most exciting!

At this event we will have our whimsical pottery, great eats by Cat's mom Arline, 6 very talented guest artists and as many monster fans as we can pack into one room! Its a party!

And did I mention that we save all our seconds for the whole year and make them available for this one event. Bargains, bargains and special needs monsters. Please please please, save a good chunk of your holiday shopping for this event. Ideal for savvy shoppers and people who have a great sense of humor.

This year for the first time Ruby and Wyatt, the second generation of Monster making Holts, will have their own table to sell their own pottery and monsters. They call themselves "Claymonster Too!"

Guest artists are:
Patti Backer
Juleann Benkoski
Emily Dennis
Deana Greenberg
Jodi Hoover
Cissy Langley

See you there!

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