where's my head....

sorry i haven't been here much up till today... i am honestly a bit overwhelmed. i don't recall ever having so much to do. it's a wonderful problem to have, but i need to get better at organizing and scheduling time away from our massive house and garden project.... not to mention still trying to catch up financially from our relocation a year and a half ago. i miss our friends like crazy. i do have to tell you... it is so much fun doing all this crazy hard work with my husband. we are both so excited about it all. we LOVE Berlin. so life is good- although a bit homebodyish. i'm looking forward to hanging out at Bungalow Love this friday and seeing lots of people, painting a skate deck for Dimensions again this year, ArtsAlive is coming up. i'm really glad to be participating after a few years away. i just want to apologize to anybody who has had to deal with my temporary flakiness.

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