watching paint dry

hi everybody!
it's been so long! we are painting the floor of my studio.
i'm not getting much art done, but we have been slowly, steadily working on the house.
we are hoping to have the first room almost completely done in a couple of weeks. we've been stripping the floor in that room and have decided no more stripping of floors.....haha we will paint the rest.
i hope you are having a great summer!

skate deck on display at Dimensions in Ocean City, MD


  1. How cute is this?!?!?

    And isn't there something you can pour onto the wood to dissolve the paint down to the raw wood?

  2. HAHAHAHA! Loved the word verification for my last comment: stchuffs

    You know, that stchuffs to dissolve paint.

  3. I think that if I was ever going to do some skating, I would really like to use this one :D This is so cool!