our beautiful old magnolia tree

this is our antique magnolia soulangiana. (saucer magnolia)
for the last few weeks it's just been beautiful.
we thought we might lose the blossoms to the snow, but thankfully that didn't happen. hooray.
we have also removed all the ivy from it's trunk. i'm sure the tree feels so much better.
now it is covered in bright, juicy green leaves. i love to be in the second floor of our house because it feels like we are in the top of this tree.
do you have a favorite tree? i don't think i could narrow it down to just one.


  1. OMG, I WANT YOUR HOUSE! Oh, and the tree is REALLY pretty! :)

  2. This is too funny, Patti! I went through your house with a realtor when it was for sale last year! I loved it so much, but wasn't in the budget for a single young lady living on her own. Congrats on this beauty!

  3. The tree, and the house are just gorgeous! We're looking at renting a craftsman-style home in Casper, in what's called the "Big Tree" area. Can't wait for you guys to come visit!

  4. You three look gorgeous, Patti. Beautiful you, beautiful tree, and beautiful house! kudos! This pic reminds me of a very pretty house and a very pretty magnolia tree on S. Main from soo long ago in time and soo close to my hear and fav memories. Love, Aunt C.