decisions decisions

in the last couple of weeks i have sold two things from my etsy vintage that made me sad, or made me realize that i wanted to keep them for myself. i'm always looking for cool old stuff and i pretty much only buy what i love. when i get home i decide what i will keep and what i will sell. i keep going back and forth on these plates. the darling little pastel bowls are staying.

the pyrex.....waffle ...waffle. that little bowl with the yellow scallop border kills me. so i guess i will keep that.
all these pastel, ice creamy colors are so spring like.  what do you think i should hang on to?
happy March 1st everybody!
xo Patti


  1. Well, I'm in de-clutter mode, so I'd say keep what makes you happy (which is where I'm at right now). :)

  2. Mmm, pyrex. :) I would always vote to keep that. :) Speaking of, if you find any of the blue Pryex bowls with snowflakes on them, I want 'em! I'll pay whatever the going price is. I love the blue snowflake Pyrex, and my last large bowl broke, and it is way too expensive to buy out here in Southern California!