illustration friday- chicken

i was so excited when i opened up my IF email today and saw the theme was chicken. i love painting chickens. here is my entry. painted with acrylics on wood.

chicken butt by patti backer- acrylic on wood- sold
- all rights reserved -


  1. I LOVE this guy! Such attitude. Is he single? Live on the Right Coast? I don't see a cigarette, though he does appear to be a sailor. Hmmm ...

  2. well this is just creepy in a very fun way!

  3. Fantastic!! Love your style!

  4. Now this is some kind of chicken. The human eye gives it a strange feeling. Maybe the chicken is really a princess who kissed a prince and turned into a chicken? Lovely work and it tickles the imagination.

  5. Love it! I found you through Illustration Friday. A friend sent me the link when the theme was chickens, because I have a thing about chickens. I collect them and think they're very cute. I wanted to show you some pics of chickens on my blog, but just realised I do not have a chicken label. Very remiss of me. Here's the link anyway in case you'd like to browse.

  6. Creepy cute!! Love the little guy! :)

  7. I came across your artwork at the Satellite cafe in Ocean City! I am a fan!!!!!! I just love your whimsical style!

    1. Thank you SO much! Do you live in OC? I have a show coming up at The Globe in Berlin. The opening is May 10th and it will be up till June 11th. You should come say hi!